Real Estate

Legal Experience That Stands Out

As the real estate market offers continually changing opportunities and challenges, our Real Estate Team exercises a multi-disciplinary approach ― which includes counseling on real estate investment, development, and finance ― to creatively and cost-efficiently negotiate and structure transactions that achieve our clients’ business objectives, while adding substantial value to each deal.

Who We Stand Behind

We serve clients including real estate investment trusts, institutional investors, pension funds, opportunity funds, labor unions, commercial banks, investment banks, and real estate owners, developers and managers. Because we negotiate and structure transactions for clients on differing sides, we are able to understand and address all angles of a deal.

How We Take a Stand

We counsel clients in real estate:

  • Acquisitions
  • Dispositions
  • Leases
  • Development
  • Tax and finance
  • Securitization transactions
  • Restructurings
  • Investment
  • Structures and financing sources, including partnerships, joint ventures, hedges, derivatives, mezzanine loans, commercial paper conduits, swaps, caps, synthetic leases, and leveraged leases or buyouts

In addition, as the real estate and capital markets expand in the Mid-Atlantic region, our attorneys are at the forefront of representing lenders, borrowers, investors, developers, lessors, lessees, institutions, and entrepreneurs who provide or seek access to sources of new financing.