2015 Superlawyers: Elliott Greenleaf Lawyers Voted Largest Per Capita Recognition of Any Commercial Law Firm in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Firm News

May 18, 2015

As announced by the press, Elliott Greenleaf was recognized in a poll of 48,000 lawyers sponsored by Pennsylvania Law and Media for having thirty-two (32) of its lawyers in the top 5% of their profession as Pennsylvania SuperLawyers or as “Rising Stars” of the Pennsylvania Bar.

Elliott Greenleaf’s awards include the naming of three of its attorneys as Top 100 Lawyers in the Philadelphia area and in Pennsylvania, including the Firm’s Chairman and CEO John M. Elliott, Dean R. Phillips and Frederick P. Santarelli. Mary E. Kohart and Deborah Simon were also recognized as two of the top 50 women lawyers in Pennsylvania. Former Elliott Greenleaf Shareholder and current United States District Judge Mark A. Kearney was again recognized as one of the top 100 lawyers in Pennsylvania.

In addition, the Firm received the unique recognition of having twenty-four (24) SuperLawyers identified in the top 5% of the profession as voted by their peers: John M. Elliott (business litigation), Thomas J. Elliott (business litigation), Stewart J. Greenleaf (business/corporate), Timothy T. Myers (general litigation), Dean R. Phillips (appellate), Frederick P. Santarelli (business litigation), Mark J. Schwemler (business litigation), Henry F. Siedzikowski (business litigation), John G. Dean (general litigation), Kevin S. Anderson (business/corporate), Eric J. Bronstein (employment & labor), James C. Crumlish, III (business litigation), Margaret S. Curran (business litigation), Brian R. Elias (business litigation), John P. Elliott (business litigation), Stewart J. Greenleaf, Jr. (general litigation ), Roger J. Harrington, Jr. (business litigation), Raymond J. Santarelli (business litigation), Stuart S. Smith (general litigation), Melissa Murphy Weber (business litigation) and Mark W. Buffalino (civil litigation: defense). These attorneys are typical of the very high quality of lawyer teamwork among all of the Firm’s professionals.

In addition, a poll of Pennsylvania senior lawyers also honored eight of Elliott Greenleaf’s “under 40” lawyers as “Pennsylvania Rising Star” lawyers: Colin J. O’Boyle, Aimee L. Kumer, Gregory S. Voshell, Matthew G. Boyd, Joseph J. Joyce, Shanna W. Williamson, Mathew J. Carmody and David Z. Lantz.

With 32 attorneys (representing almost half of the lawyers in the Firm) recognized for state-wide honor, including four of the Top 100 lawyers in the Philadelphia area and Pennsylvania and two of the top 50 women in Pennsylvania, Elliott Greenleaf has the highest number of honored lawyers for its size and practice area of any law firm in Pennsylvania. Elliott Greenleaf was recognized as a Top 25 Business Litigation Firm in the United States in 2013 and 2014.