Elliott Greenleaf’s Rafael Zahralddin and Eric Sutty Present About Applications of Blockchain Technology at the Credit Research Foundation Forum

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October 21, 2019

Rafael Zahralddin and Eric Sutty spoke at the Credit Research Foundation Forum in Seattle on August 13, 2019, where they highlighted how blockchain, the underlying technology that supports cryptocurrency, is moving beyond its early applications. Some areas discussed were the basics of cryptocurrency transactions, its differences from distributed ledger technology, and cryptocurrency regulation, both domestically and internationally. Of particular interest for credit managers was their discussion on distributed ledger technologies’ impact on financial services and supply chain. They also discussed recovery of virtual assets. Mr. Zahralddin’s expertise in cross-border transactions and litigation were a focus, especially in regard to identification and recovery of assets in other jurisdictions.

Blockchain Panel

The Credit Research Foundation is the largest collection of Fortune 500 credit professionals in the U.S. Elliott Greenleaf is also a “Friend of the Foundation”, a group of elite bankruptcy and creditors’ rights law firms that support the mission of education for this professional trade group.