Elliott Greenleaf Wins Summary Judgment in Breach of Contract Case

Firm News

February 2, 2015

Elliott Greenleaf won summary judgment defeating plaintiff employee’s claims of breach of contract and breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Plaintiff alleged that the employer failed to award her the appropriate annual job performance rating and the attendant bonus and pay raise, and then failed to properly investigate her complaint during the internal grievance procedure. Plaintiff alleged that her manager, whose job was eliminated before her annual review, was not subsequently contacted to discuss and assess Plaintiff’s performance, during the internal grievance procedure and investigation, and argued that her offer of employment letter, employee handbook, bonus plan and the course of conduct between the parties established a contractual relationship.

Elliott Greenleaf’s effective advocacy confirmed that no contractual relationship existed and that the Plaintiff was not guaranteed pay raises or annual bonuses. Eric J. Bronstein represented the successful employer.