Elliott Greenleaf Sponsor’s St. Helena’s 11th Annual CYO Memorial Invitational Basketball Tournament

Firm News

January 16, 2015

Elliott Greenleaf is again a lead sponsor of this year’s St. Helena CYO Memorial Invitational Basketball Tournament. This tournament annually brings together the best teams from the Philadelphia archdiocese not only for competition, but to raise money for charitable causes. Each of the last ten years, the archdiocesan champion has played in St. Helena’s tournament. In addition to providing additional funding to St. Helena’s CYO programs, the tournament also provides financial support to St. Helena’s families and contributes to other charitable causes. This year’s tournament will honor and raise money to help Landon Vargas, a St. Helena second grader who is battling cancer, and his family with expenses. The tournament also hopes to collect more than 500 pairs of shoes to be donated to Catholic Social Services and Shoes for Africa. It runs from January 16th through January 19th at the St. Helena school gymnasium. A recent article from the Norristown Times Herald provides more detail about this year’s event: http://www.timesherald.com/sports/20150114/top-cyo-teams-ready-for-11th-annual-st-helena-invitational-basketball-tournament.