Protection of Proprietary Business Information

LitigationProtection Of Proprietary Business Information

Elliott Greenleaf’s attorneys have litigated and tried numerous cases in federal and state courts and in mandatory arbitrations to protect proprietary business information, enforce restrictive covenants and “non-compete” obligations in contracts, protect against unfair competition and improper solicitation of employees and customers, and protect improper use and disclosure of confidential and proprietary information. Our attorneys have significant experience in the prosecution and defense of Lanham Act claims.

We are particularly skilled in determining and enforcing the acceptable boundaries, under applicable law and judicial interpretation, for geographical and temporal limitations on employment agreements and common law protections, particularly in the healthcare and hi-tech industries.

The firm has tried and won many injunctions enforcing restrictive covenants and non-competes, including most recently an injunction to enforce a twelve (12) month non-compete period throughout the United States and Canada. We have also litigated the complex damages issues to recover the losses suffered in conjunction with enforcing these protections.