Protection Of Proprietary Business Information

BusinessProtection Of Proprietary Business Information

The firm is regularly retained to negotiate and draft employment contracts and employment separation agreements. With our extensive background in successfully litigating the broad range of employment issues, we are uniquely situated to advise employers on the full range of issues affecting employer/employee relations.

Elliott Greenleaf successfully works with businesses to develop individual employment agreements suitable for each individual enterprise. We also develop a long term, standardized plan for addressing employer and employee related issues. Our long term approach permits clients to plan and project employment needs with flexibility to make adjustments as economic circumstances warrant. The firm applies the same or similar principals to negotiating and developing contracts with independent contractors, partners and co-venturers and a wide array of business enterprises for the purpose of preserving the clients’ confidences. The firm provides business leaders with an array of confidentiality and non-competition agreements necessary to protect new ventures, or potential sales or acquisitions of enterprises, while also protecting confidential and trade secret information. Our protection of proprietary business information work is integrated with, and supported by, our experience in enforcing similar contracts.