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Elliott Greenleaf’s personal injury practice includes the prosecution and defense of both personal injury and property damage claims.

Our clients include victims and their families, who have been injured, and businesses that have been sued and their insurance companies. Our diverse practice of representing plaintiffs, defendants, subrogees and subrogors enables us to better represent our clients and to understand and anticipate the strategies of opposition counsel. Our cases have involved personal injuries, property damage, torts, fire, toxic wastes, and other chemical products. We also have expertise in both asserting and defending claims for chemical carcinogenicity and chronic diseases. Elliott Greenleaf has achieved multi-million dollar verdicts, and successfully defended against multi-million dollar claims.

Elliott Greenleaf attorneys have successfully pursued claims for individuals injured or killed in accidents, construction, products liability, libel and slander, fraud and misrepresentation, and professional malpractice.

We have represented clients in a wide variety of products liability claims, including national and foreign based manufacturers and insurers of products from consumer items such as commercial coffee makers to construction materials and chemicals.

We have also successfully defended major international corporations, such as oil companies, in lawsuits brought by commercial businesses.