Intellectual Property & Patent Litigation

LitigationIntellectual Property & Patent Litigation

Elliott Greenleaf’s approach to intellectual property litigation focuses on presenting complex technical and legal issues to judges and juries in clear and easily understood terms. Our refined approach to trying complex cases enables our more than fifty experienced litigators to quickly connect the key legal and scientific issues for judges and juries using persuasive but commonly understood language. Employing a team-oriented style, Elliott Greenleaf’s litigators effectively communicate highly-technical information and complex legal issues with a sense of poise and purpose in the courtroom.

Led by a licensed patent attorney/litigator, Elliott Greenleaf maintains an active Delaware practice partnering with outside counsel on intellectual property cases pending in the very busy patent dockets in the Delaware federal court. Long recognized as a preeminent forum for litigating intellectual property disputes, the Delaware courts have obtained national recognition for their expertise and innovation in handling intellectual property cases. Elliott Greenleaf’s attorneys draw on their many years of courtroom experience to assist outside counsel and clients navigate the intricacies of practice in Delaware. Committed and focused on providing unparalleled service and excellence, Elliott Greenleaf is often selected to serve as Delaware counsel in these highly-technical and complex cases.