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Elliott Greenleaf’s banking practice focuses on representing plaintiffs and defendants in today’s challenging environment of increased competition, complicated risks and lender liability. We have experience in all areas of secured and unsecured commercial lending, including recognizing and solving problems presented by major transactions, creative asset recovery theories, unusual or special collateral and difficult time constraints. Through suit and negotiations, we have successfully resolved challenging issues involved in loan origination, participations administration and workouts. We have developed effective alternatives to bogging down in the bankruptcy courts, such as pursuing third-party liability and creative asset recovery, and have also effectively used RICO litigation to enhance recoveries. The firm has also successfully represented state banking regulators in federal litigations arising out of takeovers of lending institutions, and successfully defended Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Banking’s bank takeovers.

Our litigators, and financial professionals, fully evaluate and present our clients’ claims in a manner best suited for their business needs, including creative theories and defenses in lender liability, regulatory compliance and the extension of tort principles to financial documents. We have successfully litigated lender liability cases in the federal and state courts throughout the area, as well as in arbitrations and regulatory agencies.