James C. Crumlish, III Is Appointed A Judge Pro Tempore in Philadelphia

James C. Crumlish, III, a shareholder of the Firm, has been appointed to serve as Judge Pro Tempore of the Commerce Court Program of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County. The Commerce Court Program has been widely praised for its progressive and efficient disposition of sophisticated litigation and serves the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Commerce Court. The Program resolves corporate governance disputes, office and director liabilities, business disputes, business torts and intellectual property, trade litigation, business torts, securities and UCC actions, class actions, corporate trust affairs, declaratory judgment as well as business and commercial insurance indemnity claims.

Mr. Crumlish has served both as a public official and as an attorney in public and private practice. His practice is focused on complex commercial trial and appellate litigation. In his newest appointed position as a Judge Pro Tempore, he will serve as a Mediator, Master or such other roles as the Court and/or the Parties may agree or appoint.