Elliott Greenleaf’s Kelley B. Hodge Presented at Rowan University’s 5th Annual 2017 Title IX Summit “Navigating Title IX: Tools for Success”

On June 13, 2017 attorney Kelley B. Hodge presented at the 5th Annual Title IX Summit held at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey.   The Summit was sponsored by Rowan University and it welcomed academics and administrators in Higher Education from around the State of New Jersey and beyond to engage in two days of learning and discussion on combating sex and gender based harassment in education.  The goal of the Summit was to “inspire and empower attendees to continue fighting to ensure equal access to education for all students” by hosting sessions and workshops that were intended to focus on best practices and tools in the investigative process.  The Summit also sought to explore proactive measures to ensure an education free from sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Kelley was honored to serve as a facilitator on the subject of “Cultural Competency in Title IX Investigations” which sought to highlight the importance of being cultural informed and aware when addressing a Title IX complaint and conducting a fair and thorough investigation.

An experienced criminal attorney, Kelley B. Hodge has worked as a former public defender in Richmond, Virginia and a former prosecutor in Philadelphia, PA.  Additionally, Kelley was the first independent Title IX coordinator at the University of Virginia, where she helped develop and implement sex and gender harassment policies across the University’s eleven campuses.  Kelley has worked proactively and effectively to address alleged sex and/or gender-based harassment and intimate partner violence as well as advise state and local officials on criminal and juvenile justice policy and reforms.  Her practice at Elliott Greenleaf focuses on education law, counseling institutional and individual clients how to comply with federal and state law to avoid litigation, and on litigation, including education, white collar criminal issues, and internal investigations.