Elliott Greenleaf Wins Federal Court Order Granting Crucial Relief for a Class of Thousands of Personds Whose Consumers Reports were Accessed Without Authorization and Had Car Loans Placed in their Names

As widely reported in the press, on March 26, 2004, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted the Firm’s request for an “Order for Equitable Relief” providing a Class of almost 4,000 persons relief necessary to correct the Class’ consumer reports concerning: improper access to their consumer reports; over $4,000,000 in automobile loans placed in their names without their authorization; and, delinquencies on loan obligations for cars traded-in to the car dealership in 2001 and 2002.

As ordered by Senior Judge Norma L. Shapiro in Ciccarone v. B.J. Marchese, Inc. et al., the defendant car dealership and its principals must promptly send detailed letters to each credit reporting agency, and each lender, advising them that its access to the consumer reports was not authorized, the loans in the class members’ names were not authorized, and all such references must be immediately removed from consumer reports and banking records. In addition, Senior Judge Shapiro ordered the Defendants to notify all lenders on vehicles “traded-in” to the car dealership for which loans were not satisfied, that any delinquencies on the loans must be stricken. The Court retained jurisdiction to enforce its Order, and to comply with the terms of the Order subject to the Court’s contempt power.

The Class is represented by the Firm’s shareholders Timothy T. Myers and Mark A. Kearney.