Elliott Greenleaf represented personal injury plaintiff John Van Senus in the In re: Tribune Companies, et. al., bankruptcy case. The Tribune Companies, et. al., owns eight major daily newspapers, including the Baltimore Sun and the Orlando Sentinel twenty-three television stations, the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs, one of its subsidiaries, also filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in October 2009.

Elliott Greenleaf’s representation consisted of recovery of $6 million in settlement proceeds in a personal injury suit against the Debtors and their insurance companies. Elliott Greenleaf secured full payment for Jon Van Senus of the $6 million owed to him (100 cents on the dollar) by getting a successful stay motion granted in two parts. There were approximately thirty other similarly situated plaintiffs and Elliott Greenleaf distinguished this client from the other plaintiffs. All other personal injury claimants have been stayed until such time as the Court establishes special procedures for their resolution and prospects for this full payment are in gradation . Mr. Van Senus was injured in a felony hit and run by a LA Times delivery truck. A $6 million dollar settlement was the event of an arbitration in California. Before payment was made, the LA Times filed for bankruptcy. The money Elliott Greenleaf secured for Mr. Van Senus funds the trust that pays for his lifetime care. Elliott Greenleaf avoided his eviction from care with the first settlement and prevented erosion of the trust with the second.

Elliott Greenleaf was selected based on the Firm’s experience as bankruptcy and reorganization counsel. Managing Shareholder of the Firm’s Delaware office Rafael Zahralddin was the primary attorney responsible for this matter.